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Point Of Contact (10th Aug)

What’s the difference between a┬áSensei and a student? Well not as much as you might think! We instructors think of ourselves every much as students of the martial arts as our own students do. Can you ever ‘get’ martial arts? … Continue reading

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Put some heart in it! (27th July)

Its close to grading time again and the students are once again under pressure to perform. But this week they looked fine, no technical issues. Stances good, technique good, even focus good too… but something’s missing. This weeks lessons focused … Continue reading

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Spiral Staircase?…(25th Feb)

Things have changed a lot during our humble time spent in this game of martial arts. Training methods have improved. Our knowledge of this great subject has deepened. And with every new understanding comes a different slant on current creativity. … Continue reading

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