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Eureka Strikes…! (8th Sept)

By Tor Laurel. “…And then it hit me!” Normally this phrase is used to describe some sort of  revelation, and certainly it has been. However on a far more literal level over the last fourteen years I have indeed been … Continue reading

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Point Of Contact (10th Aug)

What’s the difference between a Sensei and a student? Well not as much as you might think! We instructors think of ourselves every much as students of the martial arts as our own students do. Can you ever ‘get’ martial arts? … Continue reading

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Put some heart in it! (27th July)

Its close to grading time again and the students are once again under pressure to perform. But this week they looked fine, no technical issues. Stances good, technique good, even focus good too… but something’s missing. This weeks lessons focused … Continue reading

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Tempo Tempo TEMPO!! (9th July)

It’s a problem! Needing to learn a new skill set, we take our time and make sure we get it right. Steady as she goes you might say. Of course the more complex the skill to be learned, the more … Continue reading

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One Layer At A Time (30th June)

You know, as an instructor there’s nothing better than laying out a structured lesson. Taking a concept from the ground up. You start with something basic then add a little bit to get the students to the next layer/depth of … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera… ACTION!! (5th Nov)

Lots of excellent work this week in the Wisewarrior Cheltenham Dojo as students worked hard on their individual pieces for this coming Wednesday; ‘Grading and Performance Night’. Judging by what we saw this Wednesday there should be some pretty spectacular … Continue reading

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