August 21st: Busy busy busy….!

It’s all happening…as usual! Grading preparations, weapons wazas, combat displays, a great karate seminar, (check out the write up!) plus a new format coming soon to Monday nights. So dont miss out….keep checking up on the updates!

Grading prep is in full swing now, which is just as well cos Tor San just keeps counting down the lessons, the hours and even the minutes between now and the big day!! After Wednesdays spot checks and grading tests things were looking sharper than ever, just as well as you only have(….)hours and (….)minutes left! (hope you get the point, and are practicing hard at home!)Cheltenham Karate seminar

Thanks for all those who made it to Saturday’s Free Karate seminar. August is not always the best month for a seminar; what with holidays and family stuff etc, so a really good turn out; from white belt to black belt…well done!

The session gave an extra dimension to standard syllabus training, it was so much more than just a ‘whistle stop tour’ of the hand techniques, but a great insight in to how and why each technique works;  re-engineered back from the point of contact with the target to the starting point…the self! Really good thoughtful stuff, should definitely help all those who are grading soon. If you want the full run down of the afternoon; kindly written up by John San, then just go to the ‘Spotlight blog’ ; HERE!!

Remember you can also read all of the latest blogs straight off the web site pages.

Thanks also to everyone who took our new leaflets; to put in your workplaces and give to friends… keep it up! 🙂

See you in the (busy) dojo!


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We are a Martial Arts Organisation specialising in high quality One On One tuition and training. Our principle subjects are Karate, Aikido, Self Defence and Japanese Sword. Our classes and private lessons are run on a 'Pay as you train' basis with NO contracts.
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