August 13th: Wednesday night was…Fight Night!

With the grading performance night behind us there are still a few lessons left till the National Gradings and students feverishly worked on their syllabus through Monday’s and Wednesday’s sessions. And with the Karate Seminar just around the corner to polish up those hand techniques everyone is well on track for their grading performances.
However, Tim San and Richard San can only take so much syllabus before either one or both of them simply snap and are compelled to do something off the wall!!!

Wednesday night saw the re-visit to ‘Project Mayhem’ as the class were divided into two groups to create their very own choreographed fight scenes.
Both teams did exceptionally well with a couple of great routines and equally great performances from all grades. Perfecting ones syllabus is one thing but creating a whole fight from scratch really is something else. A lot of really good skills came from this mad-cap exercise….timing, coordination, understanding use of technique and a whole lot of fun as well!!!Cheltenham karate Seminar

This is all leading nicely up to the Karate workshop this Saturday at 2pm, (for more information speak to Richard or Tim San) where the Sen’s will be emphasizing all the hand techniques. As you know Karate means ’empty hand’, so we have to understand the uses and shapes our hands can make; so they can become weapons! Also there will be (as usual!) some off the wall ‘stuff’ as well! 🙂

Another Blog is up this week! Please take a look at the excellent Dohigh Tam article about sword on our Lounge page, a very insightful and thoughtful piece.Cheltenham Martial Arts Clubs

Cheltenham wisewarrior, Mark SanLastly i think we should all send a hearty congratulations to Mark San on his engagement, all the teaching team wish him and his fiancee the very best! Lets hope his years of martial arts training stands him in good stead for marriage! 😀

See you in the dojo!


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1 Response to August 13th: Wednesday night was…Fight Night!

  1. mbwilliams says:

    Thanks all! My fiance has never interfered with my Martial Arts training, so I figured she must be a keeper 🙂

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