Wisewarrior Update 22nd July

Combat Class, Mondays 6.45pm

Combat Class began its Term Time Break this week, training will recommence in September.


BAMA Advanced Class, Mondays 7.45pm

The focus of this weeks Advanced Class was Sword work and became something of an extension of the Ken Kai Ryu Class. For more info check the Ken Kia Ryu news update below.


Ken-Kai-Ryu, Mondays, 7.45pm

This weeks sword class continued with the preparation for Nick San’s brown belt in sword, his advanced kata is finished and only remains to be practiced and perfected. Dohigh Tam also was looking very confident with her new set of cuts which will be needed for her Blue belt in sword, hopefully we can have these two students graded soon!


Holistic martial Arts Class, Tuesdays 6.30pm

Richard San took the class through their second section of the core strengthening form, which is called ‘finding the path’ this involves fluid turns that requires the practitioner to find the power of their focus, so much of this lesson was spent exploring this amazing concept.


Reflective Aikido, Tuesdays, 8.30pm

Centeredness was the element of focus this week with the class performing a number of exercises aimed at improving not only their posture but also to perceive and capitalise upon a sensed lack of centeredness within the opponent. Centeredness is the first of Reflective Aikidos’ 7 elements and was also the main thrust of the taster session this Saturday (Check the Spotlight Blog for the update of this great session).


Japanese Sword, Tuesdays, 9.30pm

This weeks Reflective Aikido session ran over time (Tim San got carried away, again!) and consequently, at 10.45pm (!) Tim San decided Japanese Sword should probably wait till next week! where he expects to see excellent posture and centeredness!


BAMA Karate and Aikido Te Class, Wednesdays, 6.45pm

The first part of session was as usual some great busy individual teaching groups run by Richard San, Tor San, Dave San and James San covering many different lessons such as aikido katas, Karate katas, karate kicks, beginners syllabus and even introduction lessons! Then Once everybody had the syllabus lessons that they needed Richard San ran a kumite session, this was as usual quite an eye opener for the lower grades who have never sparred before! But with firm but ‘gentle’ help of the higher grades everyone learned so much, and had an appreciation of the difference between combat lessons and the more sport orientated sparring lessons, very hot work but rewarding!


Philosophy Group

This week saw the discussion on the ‘art of relationships’ how they work, how they can be maintained and even begun. A fascinating zen concept that is not just aimed at the relationship we may have with other people but anything, even for example we discussed the relationship trinity that is; the sword, the swordsman and the cut!
For we have a relationship with everything in life, even life itself, so it’s a skill that can always be improved!



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We are a Martial Arts Organisation specialising in high quality One On One tuition and training. Our principle subjects are Karate, Aikido, Self Defence and Japanese Sword. Our classes and private lessons are run on a 'Pay as you train' basis with NO contracts.
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