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Thanks to all who were able to get along to Wisewarrior Trainings first weekend taster session of its new “holistic martial arts” class.

They were great sessions and really enjoyable for Tim San and Richard San to run. From the feed back from those in attendance, both beginners and seasoned students alike, the response was very positive. In particular they enjoyed the controlled relaxed breathing excerices and movements derived from martial arts, less the fighting! And our regular guys had a really chilled out session too, enjoying a complete different perspective on their own martial art skills.

We are hoping to run more of these classes, aiming to bring the physical, mental and even therapeutic benefits of martial arts to a wider audience, focusing more on the posture, breathing, core stability and the focus of the martial arts, leaving behind its more aggressive and combative nature.
We ran two classes over the weekend following similar formats of a light warm up, to get everyone in the right mind set, then moving smoothly into simple patterns.
These patterns were devised to test and strengthen posture and core stability but, physical benefits aside, the rhythm of the classes has an overall calming effect while improving focus.

This is a new style class for Wisewarrior Training and we are currently looking for venues and times so please watch this space for more updates.

As ever we are looking forward to running classes over the upcoming week, with students progressing in their chosen disciplines.. Those looking to take BAMA gradings are moving very well and benefiting from the grading class format of partner work and private tuition.
Also our Wisewarrior non grading classes are also thriving as our students pursue both their personal and fitness goals.


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We are a Martial Arts Organisation specialising in high quality One On One tuition and training. Our principle subjects are Karate, Aikido, Self Defence and Japanese Sword. Our classes and private lessons are run on a 'Pay as you train' basis with NO contracts.
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