Latest Update!

As you all know from our announcements this week our new look website is almost ready. We’ve had to threaten our IT department with overseas out sourcing on a number of occasions, but our persistence has prevailed and we’re hoping that this will go live by the end of the month. So thank you all for your patience with our recent lack of blog updates and email/text correspondences. However we’re hoping that it will all be worthwhile and that you’ll like the new look.

There will be a lot more articles and blogs. All the recent photo sessions will hopefully give us loads of material to work with for possible galleries and to put in the blogs. And all of the ideas that you’ve mentioned to us have been noted and we are hoping to get these sorted for you too. In fact one of our regular contributors has been so impressed by the preview that he’s already talking about investing in an IPad to make writing articles easier (sounds like an excuse for an IPad to me!!). If any of you have had any more ideas your input is always welcome.

So, please be patient and bear with us if you feel that our normally engaging and well written blogs are below their normal standard, and if we’ve not managed to reply to all of your emails and texts 😉

The main news for this week that you need to be aware of is, of course, the trial Holistic Martial Art classes that we’ve been asked to run. So if you’re free and can make it, the Saturday session is from 10 – 11am and the Sunday session from 2-3pm. For those wanting to grade we will be starting on the part one gradings at the beginning of May. Certainly, based on this Wednesdays training it looks like the grading will be very well represented by Wisewarrior, so well done to everybody on how good you looked and how hard you’re working.

We have a couple of projects that we have lined up for May that you may want to be involved in. Firstly the possibility of another holistic type demo/workshop at another venue, which will be in the middle of the month if it happens. Secondly another Wisewarrior workshop/seminar. Based on how many of you attended the last one, and how much you all enjoyed it, this may well be a weapon based sparring seminar of some sorts, and will be run towards the end of the month which, as ever, will be FREE to all Wisewarrior students.

So that’s it for this weeks ‘below standard’ update 😉

See you in the Dojo.”


About Wisewarrior News Feed

We are a Martial Arts Organisation specialising in high quality One On One tuition and training. Our principle subjects are Karate, Aikido, Self Defence and Japanese Sword. Our classes and private lessons are run on a 'Pay as you train' basis with NO contracts.
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