Dojo Update 13th April

Even though there was no Mondays session, what with Tuesday nights’ new twist on partner training and Wednesday evenings’ intense syllabus section followed by more of Tim Sans mad-cap reflex training routines, it was another busy week!!

The previous Monday night had everyone focusing on sword work with some live blade work with Richard San and the infamous ‘100 Cuts’ with Tim San. Although our main night for sword work is Tuesday, Monday night is growing into quite a serious affair.

Tuesday was, as always, a step away from the usual syllabus training and this week was no exception. Richard San threw in the concept of not just using your opponents energy against him but to use this energy further to benefit the defender. An interesting concept to be sure and most of the evening was spent attempting just that with bodies flying every which way. It really is amazing what can be achieved with just a little ingenuity and focus!

Wednesday night ran as smoothly as ever with all those taking gradings in June being put through their paces by the instructing team. A special mention to Sempai Kash here who was unleashed on the lower grades, taking them through their applications. An excellent supervised teaching session from Sempai who clearly has a lot to give to this subject. Very well done!!

To round off the evening we finished up with an up tempo reflex test with everyone involved in attacking and defending with two slick routines. Great focus again and it is always good to see students and instructors alike having such a great time.

Just a quick mention for this weekends Holistic Martial Arts Session. Get there if you can, its looking to be a great couple of sessions.

See you in the Dojo!!


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We are a Martial Arts Organisation specialising in high quality One On One tuition and training. Our principle subjects are Karate, Aikido, Self Defence and Japanese Sword. Our classes and private lessons are run on a 'Pay as you train' basis with NO contracts.
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