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Nunchaku Training Session

Saturdays Nunchaku training session was a great afternoons work. We started off with a very simple figure 8 movement just to get into the swing of things then before we knew it this simple pattern had been layered up to … Continue reading

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Nunchaku session this Saturday, only 2 more days to go. We now have enough spare pairs of Nunchaku, thank you very much to all those who kindly donated there spare sets. Just a little word-up to say to all those … Continue reading

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Dojo Update: 24th of November

Nerve strikes was I think the highlight of this Monday session at Wisewarrior! Nick San did a great job of teaching a great selection painful neck scrunching movements, with Tim San adding his favourite techniques to add even more horrendous … Continue reading

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Dojo Update, Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Well Tuesday nights class started with a question from Hayley San; “how do you write a sword display?” So while Tim San took the rest of our Aikido class Richard San tried to answer her question, and a nice little … Continue reading

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Monday nights focus session…

Monday nights focus session was, I think a break-through for all those taking gradings in December. The main thrust of the evening was to develop this focus, that what we call Kimi! And by the end of the session everyone … Continue reading

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Dojo Update: November 10th

This has been a most amazing week for preliminary gradings, not because of the numbers of people grading, but because of the grades they were going for. After a year of very hard work, we have had three people take … Continue reading

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Nunchaku Video!

Dear all, just a little taster of the types of moves we intend to explore on the Training Session:  

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